Kampala Capital City Guided Tour

Here are just a few activities Kampala has to offer. Please do not hesitate to discuss any of your specific interests with our staff; we would be happy to suggest other worthwhile places to visit!

Trip Highlights

Crafts and souvenirs: National Theater
This is one of the best places to buy crafts and souvenirs. It is easier to bargain for a better price if you buy many things from one stall.


Clothes & shoes (second hand and new): Owino Market
this is a shopper’s paradise! Make sure to watch your wallet and other valuables in this busy market. It is advisable to go with someone who knows the place, and who will be able to take you through this maze without getting lost. You can find anything and everything in this market: well worth checking out!


Fruits and vegetables: Nakasero Market
This is a huge fruits and vegetable market centrally located in the city. It is a great place to get a flavor of Kampala’s local produce. Some great finds include fresh vanilla pods, delicate oyster mushrooms, and a wide variety of Indian spices (cardamom, cinnamon…).


Historical Sites & cultural places
Uganda National Museum
A display of Uganda’s cultural heritage where one can see ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions. One of its most interesting features is the collection of traditional musical instruments, which one is free to play. The museum contains rich materials from Uganda and is a must see.


Kasubi Tombs
Five kilometers north-west of Kampala on the Hoima road is the burial place of the late Kabakas Mutesa I, Mwanga, Daudi Chwa, and Mutesa II. This historical site was once the palace of the Kabaka of Buganda. Munziwazza-Mpanga the magnificent round thatched building, 14 metres in diameter, houses the tombs of the kings.


Muganziwaza’s Earthworks, Kyebando
The earthworks were built to serve as a prison by Kabaka Mutesa I, but were never used.

The Slave Route
A new Africa-wide project identifies ancient slave routes that traversed the continent, and indicates some important sites within Uganda, revealing both the historical as well as social legacies of this era. A Slave Route map can be obtained from the National Museum
Churches & religious areas of interest


Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine
This shrine, 12km from Kampala on the Jinja road, commemorates the 20 Uganda Christians burnt alive by Kabaka Mwanga in 1886.


Bahai temple
This beautiful temple is called the Mashriqul-Adkar, or “the drawing place of the praise of God” (in Persian). It is the mother temple of Africa.


Rubaga Church
Built at the beginning of the century, the magnificent St. Mary’s Catholic Church stands at the top of Rubaga Hill, overlooking the city.

Visit Beads for Life, a non-profit organization that trains women (and a few men) to make a living by making beautiful paper beads. Learn how to make paper beads, and shop for some unique souvenirs at their small shop.


Ask us about the latest bars, clubs, concerts, and shows!

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